Whatever the type of roof on your house, it has a key role: to protect the house and its occupants against bad weather (especially rainwater), while contributing to the aesthetics of the house. Construction, renovation, maintenance or repair, any work on a roof requires certain specific skills: work at height therefore presenting risks, often on sloping roofs, in not always favorable climatic conditions… To guarantee optimal safety and a quality work, it is therefore advisable to call on the right roofing professional to benefit from an expertise adapted to your project.

The essential

Whether your roof is made of tiles, slates, wood… it is more than recommended to call on a roofing professional for any construction, renovation, treatment application (water repellent for example) or maintenance (removing moss by example).

Word of mouth, consulting online reviews or even obtaining information from specialized stores, the solutions for finding a roofing professional are numerous.

Before making your choice, it is essential to compare several professionals . If the proposed price is important, it is also necessary to check various points from the estimate, look at the opinions of previous customers and possibly ask for examples of achievements.

Skills and expertise of a roofing professional

In addition to the skills that a professional working on a roof must master, there are specific techniques to be mastered for the installation of regulatory elements (screens, fixings, insulation), as for roofing elements which must comply with strict standards, the DTU (Unified Technical Documents).

The DTUs are mandatory standards that include 3 essential elements:

A book of technical clauses (CCT) dealing with the general criteria for the choice of materials;

A book of special administrative clauses (CCS), which specifies the consistency of the work of each business and the arrangements for coordination with the other stakeholders;

More informative parts such as mementos, guides or calculation rules.

The application of the recommendations of the DTU ensures a compliant result, but above all a guarantee in the event of a claim or a problem of sealing (water leak in particular).

Who to call on according to your roofing project?

As you will have understood, it is better to use the services of a professional roofer even if it is a simple repair, cleaning / maintenance or roof treatment . The roofer has indeed followed specific training, often accompanied by an apprenticeship alongside experienced professionals for several years to manage multiple problems related to roofs. For your own safety and for a successful intervention, calling on a roofer is more than recommended. He can also, more generally, help and guide you in carrying out your roofing project (renovation, construction, etc.), all without risk. In the case of cleaning, maintenance or the application of a treatment, he will also be able to choose the most suitable products ( water repellent in particular).

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