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The aging of your windows and doors could cause you unforeseen additional expenses

Replacing windows and doors can seem like an expensive project, but not replacing them can actually end up being more expensive in the long run. On average, windows and doors need to be replaced every 15 to 20 years; however, age is not the only indicator that it is time to replace. Our Canadian elements, combined with wear and tear, can shorten this life.

Late spring, summer and early fall are ideal times to update your doors and windows. This will prevent winter weather from affecting your windows and energy bills. Not sure if it’s time? Start by evaluating how your windows and doors look, how they function, and whether they meet the needs of your home.

A simple visual inspection of your windows and doors can spot damage including cracks and gaps, signs of condensation and dampness, rust or warped panes and frames. General signs of wear or dated styles can also help you decide when it’s time for a renovation.

A quick physical inspection will help you discover a faulty mechanism, such as broken handles and latches, or you might have difficulty opening and closing your windows and doors. You may also feel drafts and air leaks around gaskets, frames and glass. This inefficiency puts additional strain on your HVAC system, which increases your energy bills.

If your style has changed over the years or you want to bring a new style to your home, replacing your doors and windows will have the aesthetic impact of a home renovation, without the time and cost associated with major renovations. . Ask any realtor, curb appeal increases the value of your home.

Now more than ever, homeowners are looking for energy-efficient solutions that not only lower their monthly energy bills, but have the added benefit of fighting climate change. To control their home’s climate, homeowners are looking for simple ways to reduce waste and leaks, for optimal temperature stabilization that ensures their systems are running at peak efficiency. Erratic home temperatures and humidity put extra hours on your HVAC system. More efficient, ENERGY STAR® certified windows and doors will help stabilize indoor temperatures and provide year-round comfort by keeping outdoor air out.

To help you do your part to save the planet and your wallet, JELD-WEN offers exclusive products, which are eligible for provincial and federal rebates, including the Canada Greener Homes Grant . These easy-to-access incentives will help make your renovations more affordable, with rebates of up to $5,000 for qualifying energy-efficient products.

When choosing from JELD-WEN’s line of energy-efficient window products, the ENERGY STAR certified Northern Triple-Glass™ collection sets the standard for long-term savings and comfort.

The additional exterior glass creates additional air space between the panes which reduces radiant heat and condensation, thereby reducing the home’s heating and cooling costs. Trifold windows are also designed to reduce outside noise, creating a quiet environment and helping your home become a sanctuary from outside noise.

JELD-WEN’s Northern Triple-Glass™ collection is made in Canada for Canadian climates. Each Northern Triple-Glass™ window is specially designed with a sash surrounded by a sturdier frame to accept a triple-glazed insulated glass unit which improves performance and durability.

Simply put, tri-fold windows outperform standard double-glazed windows, due to the extra layer of glass protection. This design feature equates to better thermal performance and provides superior UV resistance.

Your windows and doors are an investment in your home, and if you’re looking to get the most out of that investment, take advantage of government rebates. JELD-WEN can help you discover ways to reduce your monthly heating and cooling bills with our Energy Savings Calculator.

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