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Doors are not just entrances or exits from one room to another. If you think with an open mind, you will understand that the design of the door can add a classic reflection of how you think, and how creative you are when it comes to decorating your place/home.

Nowadays, we focus on interior decor so much. So, why compromise when it comes to the doors? After all, doors are the first thing anyone encounters. It gives a glimpse of what kind of decor you have.

So, if you are looking for some aesthetic flush doors to match up with your home interior design, here are 4- flush doors by Century Doors for home decoration ideas.

First up, what are flush doors? 

First, let’s know what flush doors are, these are the simple ones to go for. It’s always smart to go forflush doors as they have smooth surfaces on both sides. It is made by sandwiching plywood over a very light timber frame. These types of doors are so smooth that even water gets drained off their surface without acquiring.

Flush doors are ideal for homes.

Advantages of Flush Doors

  • Flush doors are lightweight and incredibly versatile.
  • Flush doors are available in multiple unique designs or custom colours.
  • They are long-lasting and fungi-free.
  • Budget-friendly, as designs are authentic.
  • Flush doors don’t warp after some time, as they are made up of softwood blocks.
  • Flush doors are water and heat-resistant.

Doors require good investment and thoughts, before actually finalizing the ideal door for your home. It doesn’t matter if picking for a newly constructed house or redecoration. Sometimes, you might get confused while picking up the right flush doors and keep on looking for options to buy doors online.

So, to avoid confusion and fuss for you, here are 4 suggestions for flush doors that can match up with your home decoration.

1. Minimalistic flush doors designs

The simplest flush door designs are the most classic and elegant ones. Going minimal is a new trend. Picking up neutral colors like blue, black, and wooden textures can never go wrong. It only adds a new aesthetic look matching your home decoration. In addition, there are multiple options to surprise you in this category of flush doors.

2. Large flush doors for your home

If your house has large rooms, going for large doors can add a great dimension to the rooms. Since flush doors are manufactured after finalizing the design and theme. The chance of picking your desired doors length and width can be adjusted accordingly without compromising the theme.

3. One theme for all doors in the house

Yes, you read it right, picking up one theme for all doors in the house is a smart move. This can help to set a similar tone for all rooms. Now, it is on you to go for bold colours or abstract designs on them. Going for one theme also adds a formal tone to your place. The best part of this idea is that you don’t have to invest much in different themes.

4. Colourful flush doors designs

Picking up colourful flush doors can also be a great idea for a change. This one is for someone whose house interiors have colourful paints or designs. You can pick up bold colours for your flush doors. Even if your wall paint is basic, a colourful flush door can add so much definition to your room without extra effort.


Surprisingly, flush doors have so much to offer. Its benefits and styles are an ongoing list. Flush doors are perfect for everyone looking for simple yet aesthetic doors for their spaces. Century Ply has a wide range of doors from plain flush doors to other types of flush doors. They are the leading flush door manufacturers in today’s market. Go get your top flush door from Century Doors for decorating your home.

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