Auxiliary integrated blinds for doors

Shades bring a sleek, modern style, look and finish to your entryway, while maintaining the same light control and privacy benefits of windows with integrated blinds, with minimal maintenance.

This new line of products, enriched by an experience of more than twenty years in the design of windows with integrated blinds of superior quality, provides you with easy operation and long-lasting reliability.

Easy to use

The smooth-glide handle, combined with high-precision magnets and ergonomic sliders, allow you to create the level of light and privacy you want.

No need for cords or gymnastics to adjust the blinds. An innovative design allows the blinds to be raised in a minimal space, at the top of the window, to maximize light entry.

Because our blinds are built between two sealed glass panels, you’ll never need to dust them, and it helps reduce the presence of allergens in your home.

Our windows with built-in blinds come with a 20-year warranty that covers blinds, sealing and controls, ensuring optimal, long-lasting operation on your front door.

Our products lead the industry in built-in blinds, in part because they improve the safety of children and pets.

Because our built-in blinds have no cords, they have received two important certifications: from the association of window covering manufacturers and from the parents group for shade safety. Both organizations strongly urge parents to use window coverings without accessible cords in homes that include children. In addition, all our products with integrated blinds are offered in tempered glass.

Attention to detail

We’ve prioritized style and design, giving you a choice of six colors and paying close attention to aesthetic detail. For example, covering the cords with a bottom rail and matching all visible components so that the colors of your entrance blinds always match your d├ęcor.

Blink windows with integrated blinds are a smart solution for all windows and doors in your home.

Decorative door window

Our experience is reflected in the quality of handcrafted glazing, cut and fitted in a vast array of styles that match a diversity of homeowner preferences and designs from across the country.

Level of light and privacy

We assign a numerical value to the degree of privacy provided by each doorglass.

Price group

Three levels, from the luxury range of the $$$ group to the economy range of the $ group, are offered depending on the window model and the materials used.

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