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The term real estate comes from a Latin word that refers to something that is inseparably linked to the land, physically and legally.

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Definition of the term real estate

Buildings, houses and parcels or land are immovable.

This type of property is part of what is called real estate, because it is intimately linked to the land.

It is common for real estate to be part of a registry which provides the owner with greater protection.

In any case, even though land is considered property, the concept used most frequently to refer to architectural structures is called houses.

Unlike real estate, furnished property is one that can be moved from one location to another while maintaining its integrity.

There are other differences between these two types of elements:

For example, in theory, real estate is more expensive than furnished property, although this is not always the case!

Another common difference is that real estate is a mortgage object, while the latter is generally not.

In turn, it should be mentioned that between these two types of goods there are legal differences.

There are different types of real estate.

Properties by nature: those inherent to the ground (terrain, solar, etc.).

Properties by incorporation: buildings under construction.

Goods by destination: movable goods that come with a good and favor it (agricultural or mining equipment).

Properties by analogy: they are called mortgage concessions.

Goods by accession: items that are part of the good but which in themselves are furniture. For example doors and windows.

Properties by representation: documents granting ownership. For example writing a house to its owner.

Real estate taxes

There are various taxes that apply to real estate.

Such as taxes which levy the property and are fixed according to the cadastral value or income taxes.

Property tax is a tax that must be paid on a mandatory basis each time a property is acquired.

It is valued around the value of said property and gives the buyer the legal and real rights of ownership of the product.

This tax must be paid in the municipality that collects it.

It is managed taking into account the information cited in the cadastre and the state documents of the property.

Review annually to update the transactions made around the properties registered there. This register remains in the corresponding municipality and registers all the properties that are in its jurisdiction.

Other taxes that may be imposed on real estate are the tax on the increase in the value of urban land. In this case, if the value of the land increases, the value of the property also increases and therefore the tax to be paid for it.

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