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you want to mix tradition and modernity in your kitchen? Do you want to create a truly magical, peaceful, yet extremely original space? Find out how to arrange an English kitchen to create a cozy atmosphere.

English style in the kitchen: what to remember?

Interiors decorated in the English style are characterized by elegance, delicacy and subtlety. The rooms have a cosy, warm atmosphere that encourages spending time with family. The English style combines both tradition and modernity. Thanks to this diversity, everyone will find something for themselves.

The English style has its roots in the Victorian era where interiors were characterized by ornate woodwork, heavy furniture and high plinths. However, contemporary arrangements in the English style look a bit different. Here you can find a variety of colors, floral patterns, as well as modern solutions. An idyllic and romantic ambience is a quintessence of English style in the interior.

The English style kitchen has a timeless and charming design. The layout is suitable for both small rooms and larger interiors. The English style is distinguished by sober colors, milled furniture, as well as original accessories that play a key role in it.

Modern English style kitchen: what colors to choose?

The color most associated with English cuisine is white. Pastels are also very common – beige, ecru, yellows and even blues. The subdued, bright colors not only introduce a warm ambience into the room, but also enlarge and brighten it optically. The interior gains in lightness as well as in habitability.

However, English cuisine cannot be bland. To avoid this, the interior should have slightly more intense colors that will give it an individual character. Natural materials also play an important role here – especially wood and stone.

English-style furniture: what should it look like?

The English kitchen loves traditional furniture, but in order for the room not to be too crowded, it is recommended that they be glazed. Thanks to them, the whole becomes light, and porcelain and ceramics can be displayed inside.

Furniture in the English kitchen should have decorative handles – most often brass knobs or something with the use of brass sheets. Carvings that reference the traditional look of the piece are also welcome. The English style loves excess shelves, cabinets and drawers.

The most popular color of English-style furniture is white, which goes well with darker worktops – for example marble. A dark floor made of high-quality natural wood can also be a color accent. In addition to kitchen furniture, it is worth equipping the interior with a large massive table and wooden chairs.

A central island is an extremely important element in an English-style kitchen because it creates a unique atmosphere of warmth and comfort. The kitchen island has both a decorative and a functional function. In a small space, it can also be an alternative to a table. Its look should not differ from the rest of the kitchen furniture so that the whole arrangement is consistent and harmonious.

The English style in the kitchen likes trinkets and different accessories that allow to introduce a specific atmosphere. Objects with a soul that evoke memories will be the best choice. These can be family heirlooms passed down from generation to generation or old equipment that currently can only be used as decoration.

English cuisine has nothing to do with minimalism. On various types of shelves, windowsills and worktops, one can find clay pots, spice jars, ceramic vases, as well as tea and coffee canisters. It is also a good idea to display your porcelain which can be placed in display cases or hung on special hooks above the worktop.

Decorations with floral motifs in the English kitchen

When choosing decorations for an English-style kitchen, consider floral designs. It is an inseparable and mandatory element in this type of room. Flowers can be present on textiles such as curtains, tablecloths, but also on the walls.

English-style kitchen wallpapers will certainly be one of the most effective decorations. If you don’t like big floral patterns, you can always opt for something less showy. An English kitchen will also work well with checkered or striped wallpaper, the colors of which will match the whole arrangement.

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